"Mike does a great job of communication with his business partners, team and manager. He makes sure everyone understands where he's heading and makes sure his direction aligns with the greater strategy. He's conducted several presentations of very complex data and did a great job speaking in non-technical terms as much as possible, giving good examples in way of explanationů. He has executed against very tight (and at times unreasonable) deadlines, getting the finished product done in the needed time frame. His management of projects have ensured not only a timely completion, but also a quality product."

"You have been a fabulous addition to our team. Your leadership in the model building has gotten us to the great place we are today...."

Melanie Groendyke,
VP, Senior Marketing Analytics Manager,
Fifth Third Bank

"Mr. Mina's leadership style is key in mobilizing data policy changes. His ability to articulate issues, offer possibilities for change, and build collaborations allows us to speak to the needs of various constituencies and marshal their support in refining the data administration process.... In sum, Mr. Mina comes with my highest recommendation."

Gitanjali Kaul, Ph.D.,
Vice Provost, Planning, Assessment and Information Resource Management,
Cleveland State University
[Letter of recommendation from Gitanjali Kaul, Ph.D.]

"Mike has been an instructor for several of our noncredit Continuing Education courses, including JavaScript, HTML, XML, and SQL. I have been impressed with his thoroughness, conscientiousness, and reliability. I've also been impressed with his teaching evaluations.... He has real depth of knowledge about many business processes, particularly in the analytical arena, and his technical expertise is excellent. His skill set is versatile."

Barbara Hanniford,
Dean, Division of Continuing Education,
Cleveland State University
[Letter of recommendation from Barbara Hanniford, Ph.D.]

"It is readily apparent to me that Mike Mina brings a strong measure of intelligence, operations and systems expertise, and problem-solving skills to all of the work that he performs. His industry background is a real asset in the ways which he treats customers and colleagues. His position at CSU puts him in the role of a consultant for many departments, and as a consultant, he has patience and ability to explain solutions clearly, much as a good instructor or teacher will do."

W.Benoy Joseph, Ph.D.,
Associate Dean and Professor of Marketing,
Nance College of Business Administration,
Cleveland State University
[Letter of recommendation from W. Benoy Joseph, Ph.D.]

"I was fortunate to have Mike as a member of my team at Antares Management Solutions. Under my supervision, Mike proved himself to be a team player and a self starter. I could always count on Mike to complete assignments timely and thoroughly. He would do what it takes to get a job done and spend non-scheduled hours performing research and doing analysis to find business and technical solutions. Complementing his technical skills are excellent communication skills which he had demonstrated in his verbal and written interaction with all levels of management and as an instructor."

Daniel Bednar,
Project Manager,
[Letter of recommendation from Daniel Bednar]

"Based on many projects we have worked on side-by-side, Mike strikes me as a very thoughtful, skillful, and detail-oriented leader and professional. In particular, Mike was put in charge of the University data audit conducted by the Ohio Board of Regents in 2002. This was one of the hardest projects at that time because the University was in the midst of its initial PeopleSoft implementation and the quality of the data in the system was far from desired.... With Mike's superior coordination, communication, and persuasion skills, CSU successfully passed the audit and, as a result of this process, the data custodians began to work together as a team.... His vision, thoroughness, and professional manners are highly regarded by his colleagues."

Jeffrey Chen, Ph.D.,
Director, Institutional Research and Analysis,
Cleveland State University
[Letter of recommendation from Jeffrey Chen, Ph.D.]

"I was a member of the search committee that originally hired Mike into Cleveland State University. The decision to hire him has been one which I never doubted as he served the University with a great deal of professionalism. He had an expert level knowledge in Data Administration, he was pleasant to work with, and he worked diligently to improve the role of Data Administration at Cleveland State University.... It was a pleasure to serve with Mike as he was always prepared and was poised to handle politically sensitive issues in dealing with many facets of the University environment.... All of my employees who took a class with Mike were highly complimentary of his teaching skills and mastery of the subject matter."

William Shepard,
Director of Application Development,
Information Services and Technology,
Cleveland State University
[Letter of recommendation from William Shepard]

"Michael is an intellectual. His approach to all projects is to methodically analyze, create an action plan and then get the job done. Mike is a creative thinker and very insightful in his approach to any project. He is definitely an asset to any team. In addition, Mike's communication skills are excellent. Working on a project with Mike is a wonderful experience. There are no surprises, he keeps everyone well informed."

Stephen Basic,
Business Systems Analyst,
National City Bank
[View this recommendation at my LinkedIn profile]

"It was a pleasure working with Michael as a colleague. He is a very detail-oriented person. His greatest asset is being able to see the big picture in any project. Michael and I had the privilege of serving on the University Data Administration Committee, a cross-university professional committee engaged in developing the next millennium data practice standards for the University. His work on the committee has helped us shape a University-wide data policy. He is an excellent orator with focused presentation skills."

Krishna Grandhi,
Assistant Director, IT,
Cleveland State University
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