My book

I've been writing speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror) since 1991. Much of my previously published short fiction is available in my book "The Speed of Darkness", available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and CreateSpace, among others. [top]

My bio

My work has been published in ComputorEdge, D.C., Eclipse, Fiction Forum, Figment, Haunts, Lost Worlds, Medusa's Hairdo, MindFlights, Mystic Fiction, Next Phase, Once Upon A World, Outer Darkness, Skyline Voices, Sorcerous Magazine, Talers Tales, The Cosmic Unicorn, The Nocturnal Lyric, as well as the poetry anthology Once Upon A Midnight.

The awards I've won include:

I appear in the Locus Index to Science Fiction, and the Internet Speculative Fiction DataBase hosted by the Cushing Library Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Collection and Institute for Scientific Computation at Texas A&M University. Both of these databases seriously undercount the number of works I have had published. [top]

My publication history

My influences

I became interested in speculative fiction at age 6, so I've had the opportunity to be influenced by many writers over the years. Rather than listing them all, here are free samples of short fiction that have definitely influenced the way I write. I hope you enjoy them.

My writing blog

My writing blog will showcase some of my fiction, and inform interested readers of any happenings in my writing career. [top]